Omniafibre, taking over activities of Omniafiltra Cartiera del Torano, has kept all the long lasting experience of the paper, producing since 1955 several kind of special  technical paper for different specific technical fields.

we have a wide range of production referring to completely different fields, mainly related to the:

  • Non asbestos paper for gaskets;
  • Filter paper and paper boards;
  • Paper for impregnation;
  • Buffer Paper ;
  • Blotting paper
  • Base paper for several industrial applications;
  • Mounting paper (Paper for Mat boards) and cover book;
  • Board for building field, wallboard ….

The diversification in the technical production and the know how and experiences maturated in these years, blended with the flexibility and technology of an industrial reality like our company is, allow us to be present and active leader suppliers into the world wide technical market, always ready to develop new products and enter new markets and applications.

Main strength of company:

  • well known and affirmed quality of product range;
  • know-how and experience of manufacturing;
  • technological skills and production flexibility;
  • wide diversification of productions;
  • customer oriented service;
  • continuous research and development of new products;
  • supplier of main producers in world wide market;
  • being part of the wider company SERI group.

ambienteOMNIAFIBRE E L'AMBIENTE - L'Omniafibre è molto attenta al rispetto dell’ambiente sicurezza alla sicurezza delle proprie maestranze ed, al controllo della qualità dei processi produttivi e gestionali.

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tecnologyLE NOSTRE TECNOLOGIE - I nostri stabilimenti, possiedono uomini, tecniche e strumenti per affermare la presenza della Società in tutti i campi delle carte industriali.

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