In the early Seventies, Omniafiltra company, now Omniafibre, developed one of the first boards for insecticide impregnation in Europe.

Since then and onwards, its authority in this field has gradually been consolidated, becoming an important reference point in this field, in particular as far as quality is concerned. 

This experience allowed to steadily increase know how, from the selection of fibres and other additives to the choice of suppliers, from process control to constant monitoring of the quality features.

Such skills have allowed us from year to year to comply with the most varied quality and cost saving requirements. 

Our impregnation boards have always been evolving and are up-to-date with market requirements.

Thanks to the flexibility of our equipment, we could either take advantage of the inexpensiveness of the Fourdrinier wire and of the particularity of the Cylinder Machine, for the most demanding quality requirements even in the higher grammages.

The ongoing requirements of some particular markets brought to the development of new products that, standardised now, can meet the particular requests of many of our customers.

Our willingness to accept the most varied requests of our customers in the most different industrial applications has considerably stimulated our creativity over the past few years. 

We have made experiments on various, now consolidated as technologically advanced products and at the extreme limits of the paper processing capacity (for instance, our   15 V MAX: thickness almost 5.8 mm and  1550gr/sqm).

The particular structure of our plant makes it possible to comply with the most important quality features required on the market:

A) A homogeneous surface on both sides, which gives a better appearance to the finished product.

B) Manufacturing on Cylinders allows a more homogeneous fibre distribution in the internal sheet structure, resulting in a better liquid absorption and a more controlled output. 

C) The particular structure of the process allows a considerable product bulk (low density). This supports the absorption capacity and competitiveness of the product (lower cost per square meters).

Piastrine  and DEO -  Impregnation mats

These product families were created over forty years ago. Since then, it has been the cream of our absorbent papers; its quality is still today considered as a reference point all over the world.

The choice of raw materials and the peculiarity of its manufacturing process (along with the erudition of our long standing know how), have given  to our products their main features: a homogeneous internal structure (resulting in a better absorption and output of the liquid) and an even surface on both sides of the product. 

We are today leader producers of paper board for impregnation, used from very important companies producing mosquito mats, car and air fresheners, blotter paper, ect. 

- Airfreshners materials, usually supplied to companies printing (mainly silk printing), cutting and impregnating with fragrances. Usually these materials are used from advertising, for car fresheners  and air fresheners from household producers. Our main materials in this field are DEO (cardboard in density 0.33 actually produced in thicknesses 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.5 - 1.8 - 2.0 - 2.2 mm), DEO CAR and Piastrine from thickness 1.5mm up to the  very specific products in thickness 3.8mm or 6.0mm.

- Insecticide products, are cardboard supplied to companies cutting and injecting an antimosquito, for production of small mats mainly used into mosquito electric stoves. We usually supply our PIASTRINE (cardboard in density 0.4 actually produced in thicknesses  1.5 - 1.8 - 2.5 – 2.6 - 2.7 – 2.8 mm)

- Anti moth materials, usually supplied to companies sometimes printing, cutting and impregnating with fragrances for production of anti moth hangers. Our main materials are 15v25 in very low density and thickness 1.8 and 2.2 mm or DEO 1.0mm

ambienteOMNIAFIBRE E L'AMBIENTE - L'Omniafibre è molto attenta al rispetto dell’ambiente sicurezza alla sicurezza delle proprie maestranze ed, al controllo della qualità dei processi produttivi e gestionali.

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