Complete range of good quality products, development of new solutions, attitude towards research and development of new products, with respect for environmental problems: all this is summarized in the capacity of dynamism which expresses the desire of growth of Omniafibre.

Omniafibre has acquired the property and know How of Omniafiltra Cartiera del Torano, founded in 1955 it established itself as a producer of papers for industrial use. A team of highly qualified people, has allowed to consolidate Omniafibre as a specialist in high technology fields. The experience of a long tradition blends with today's modern organization capable of ensuring:
Promptness in service
Competitiveness quality/price
The production, well established nationally and internationally, is of various items:
Paper for gaskets in the industrial and automotive field.
Paper and paperboards for impregnation ( for deodorant and insecticide).
Paper - paperboards – filter sheets ( for food industry, chemical and industrial).
Paperboards for construction and in the art-museum field.
Paperboards for various industrial applications.
Thanks to various technical acknowledgements, versatility and technology, the company is ready to develop and produce new types of technical papers except for patinated papers.
In relation to the wide range of filter paperboards and filter paper sheets for the industrial, chemical pharmaceutical and food field, in the food field, the filter paperboards give high qualified results in the production of olive oil and wine; their use is mainly related to filter press filtration system.

As early as the Sixties, the technological development capacity of our company allowed us to survive in periods of macro-economic depression, keeping ourselves competitive in the difficult challenges of a more and more competitive global market.
Product diversification in the different industrial sectors has always been the main strategy of our company, and this has brought to:
• Commercial profit, protecting us from alternating depressions on the different markets;
• Technological profit, extending the know how obtained in certain fields by using innovative solutions for the requirements of other industrial sectors.
In recent years, such diversification has been accelerated and has further extended our fields of industrial application, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical, shoe manufacturing, cosmetic, electronic, hobby, military, household articles and other industrial sectors.

Customer Service
In the field of industrial papers, assistance is very important. Due to the different varieties and the many applications, a constant contact between customer and producer are of primary importance.
The Sales office and R & D service are in constant contact with the customers adapting the characteristics in according to their needs, and providing service and support in the use of the wide range of products.
In order to improve quality control and the internal organization we have:
Developed an internal laboratory, strengthening, it with innovative quality control equipment in order to control during production process;
Introduced a new system for the implementation of business process management.

ambienteOMNIAFIBRE AND ENVIRONMENT - Omniafibre pays special attention to the respect for the Environment, to workers safety, and to the quality of production processes and management.

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tecnologyOUR TECHNOLOGIES - Our production plants, have operators , techniques and equipment able to assert the presence of our Company in all fields of industrial papers.

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