Omniafibre is leader producer of filter sheets and paper boards, used for industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and food productions.

Since over 50 years we  export our materials for filtration worldwide

Herewith enclosed is our brochure as an introduction to our main materials for filtration.

Our filter product range includes pure cellulose paper board, premium blends of cellulose and cotton linters, sheets made of synthetic fibers blends, diatoms, perlite and resins carefully selected and combined for having the best result in food industries, in production of drinks, in chemical laboratories and industrial process.

Filter sheets are mainly used in filter press machines in food and chemical industry.

In the food field our filter products are giving good results in the production of olive oil and wines.

Omniafibre has a unique and distinct advantage in the production of filter media due to its cylinder based technology which provides tremendous advantages. The multilayer production process on cylinder allows an higher manufacturing dilution compared to all other filter sheets production technologies. The higher dilution used in cylinder drums allows Omniafibre the specific ability to obtain homogeneity in the micro-porous structure of the filter media, while achieving smoother and more uniform surface appearance, which guarantees constant flow at every point resulting in a superior filtering performance. 

The homogeneous pore distribution causes its exhaustion indexto be far superior to that of other boards on the market.

Filter sheets are composed of a network of special fibers of extreme purity: This is carefully developed and controlled in the special wet-laid fiber distribution system which is unique in the world of filter sheets.

Our particular manufacturing design forms filter sheets : 

·       More homogeneous in structure and formation;

·       More uniform in thickness and surface texture (causing short circuiting due to thin and thick spots);

·       More active filtration surface area;

·       More uniform and controlled pores size and distribution network;

As a result, our unique processing design provides more desirable filtration benefits with respect to:

·         Premium filtration quality (without short-circuiting effects of typical market filter sheets)

·         Optimum flow rates (without premature plugging of typical market filter sheets);

·         Longer filter lifespan;

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